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Streamlining Transactions, Empowering Business: 

Your Cashless Payments & Telemetry Partner



Card Payments

  • Embrace contactless card payments from Maestro, Mastercard, and Visa credit and debit cards

  • Seamlessly integrate NFC payment options including Apple Pay, Android Pay for swift transactions

  • Accommodate local benefit cards like SODEXO, EDENRED, among others, for added convenience

  • Establish a direct card acceptance agreement between merchants and European acquiring partners

  • Enable payments to merchants in various European currencies including EUR, GBP, CHF, CZK, PLN, HUF, and more, directly to their EU or UK bank accounts.

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Proprietary Payment System

  • Innovative payment solutions utilizing contactless tokens (such as cards, key fobs, and RFID stickers) alongside QR-code scan technology

  • Tailored B2B solutions catering to corporate postpaid cards, featuring customizable individual limits and usage profiles

  • Robust reporting capabilities for comprehensive billing and accounting, seamlessly integrated with corporate HR systems for streamlined management

  • User-friendly B2C solutions offering private prepaid cards with convenient top-up options for hassle-free transactions

Telemetry Data
Collection & Feed

  • Gather telemetry data, including sales, inventory, and machine status, from various sources

  • Ensure compliance with industry audit standards for vending machines (EVA-DTS), office coffee systems (OCS), carwash locations, amusement machines, and other proprietary self-service systems

  • Facilitate seamless delivery and export of audit data into corporate ERP accounting systems through a range of industry-standard and custom APIs




Who we are

We are a company based in the Czech Republic, with our headquarters located in the picturesque city of Prague. Our primary objective is to offer the convenience of cashless payments for self-service retail businesses.

What we do

We provide comprehensive cashless payment and telemetry solutions tailored for vending operators, office coffee system providers, carwash and laundry companies, and other self-service businesses.

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